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mr and mrs Thrones In tamworth

Mr and Mrs Thrones in Tamworth. We are Located in central UK, Jk Wedding and Events is a renowned company that specializes in providing elegant chairs for various occasions. Our collection includes luxurious throne chairs, Mr and Mrs Thrones, Bride and Groom Thrones, or even King and Queen Chairs. These chairs are perfect for weddings, birthdays, photo shoots, proms, and other special events in Tamworth.

Our designs are carefully crafted to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to any event. Mr. and Mrs. Thrones are especially popular for wedding ceremonies, symbolising unity and royalty. With exquisite detailing and high-quality materials, our chairs stand out as focal points at any venue.

Customers trust us to create a memorable setting with our stylish seating options. Whether it’s a glamorous wedding or a chic birthday celebration in Tamworth, our throne chairs elevate the overall ambience. Make your event unforgettable with JK Wedding and Events’ exclusive Mr and Mrs Wedding Thrones collection.

WHITE OR SILVER Mr and Mrs Wedding Thrones in tamworth

White or silver Thrones in Tamworth to hire. These elegant wedding thrones are a sight to behold, intricately carved with beautiful flower heads on the arms. Crafted with faux white leather upholstery, they offer unparalleled comfort with plush cushioning on the seat and backrest. Available in a timeless white or shimmering silver finish, these thrones add a touch of sophistication to any event.

Perfect for creating memorable photo opportunities at proms or as a luxurious seating option for the bride and groom at their wedding banquet. Whether it’s a classic white theme or a modern silver aesthetic, these Mr. and Mrs. wedding thrones in Tamworth elevate any special occasion.

Wow, your guests with these regal thrones that exude luxury and style, making a statement piece at any event. Make your special day even more unforgettable by choosing these exquisite thrones for an opulent touch. Choose elegance and comfort with these stunning wedding thrones – the perfect choice for added glamour and charm on your big day in Tamworth!


wedding mr and mrs throne

How to book our wedding thrones in tamworth

Booking our white or silver thrones in Tamworth is a breeze. Simply provide us with the date, venue name, location, and your preferred throne color for a quick quote. Upon agreeing on a price, we will send you online booking forms to complete and request a small deposit. Once these requirements are met, your booking is confirmed. If you wish to view the thrones or other services we offer, visit our showroom by requesting details from us. It’s that simple!