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Welcome signs and seating Plans
Welcome sign For weddings and seating Plans

signs for weddings in solihull

JK Weddings and Events specializes in providing a range of high-quality signs for weddings in Solihull. From ceremony signs to welcome signs, seat planning, table numbers or names, order of service, cocktail signs, guest book signs, and social media signs, they offer a comprehensive selection to enhance the decor of the special day.

Our attention to detail ensures that every sign is crafted to perfection, adding a touch of elegance and personalization to the event. Whether it’s guiding guests with directional signs or highlighting important events throughout the day, JK Weddings and Events cover all aspects of signage needs. Their bespoke designs cater to different themes and colour schemes, allowing couples to truly customize their wedding signage experience.

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Need advice on welcome signs In Solihull? Contact us today! If you have a specific style or colour in mind, don’t hesitate to inform us. The most popular size for welcome signs is A1. No stand? No problem! We offer stand rentals, too. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll cover the rest. Welcome your guests in style with our customizable signs. Stand out with our high-quality welcome sign offerings. Don’t stress about the details – we’ve got you covered!

Other Signage includes ceremony signs, reserved signs, order of service or order of events signs, Bar or cocktail signs, Guest book and social media signs, and table number signs.

Sizes of your signage in solihull

JK Weddings and Events offers a wide range of high-quality signs for various events in Solihull, available in multiple sizes to suit your needs. The most common sizes include 24 x 16 inches, 45 x 60 inches, and 90 x 60 inches, which can be customized to be vertical or horizontal based on your preferences.

These signs come in an array of designs and colours to match the theme of your event. If you require a suitable stand for your signage, don’t worry—we have plenty in stock to choose from. Entrust JK Weddings and Events for all your signage needs in Solihull and make your event truly memorable with our personalized options. Explore our selection of sizes, designs, and colours to find the perfect fit for your next special occasion.